dinsdag 31 december 2013

Environment practices

It's really time to get better at designing environments. These are the first couple I did. With the first one I wanted to practice with integrating textures and photo's, also depth was pretty difficult. With the second painting I anted to avoid textures and photo's, and do it completely by hand. I think it's going the right direction.

dinsdag 5 november 2013

Robot soldiers WIP

Designing a series of android soldiers. I'm going to post 3 varieties and the process.

First ever 3D character :D WIP afcourse



A hero from nature, fighting industrial- enviornment killing bad guys.


Love this one :)
 "Don't focus to much on becoming like someone else, you are more beautiful then you might think."


I'm not really happy with this one. Lot's of mistakes and a terrible execution. Still think it's good enough to show.

A well needed material studies


Another quick concept.

the dodo-dragon

Watched. A quick idea I had to try out.

Small environment study :)

I thought it was about time to update this blog again. Lot has happened and I'll post it all on here!

zondag 30 juni 2013


Some robot's I made recently. I really like the lightning and texture on these.
It took about 6 hours to make them and I learned a lot about coloring doing these.

zaterdag 8 juni 2013

At the beach

Here it is! Finally color.
A great practice for painting skin. I am making a couple
 more at the moment, but those will be uploaded later.

Summer finally arrived!

Summer finally arrived here in the Netherlands! So I couldn't resist to do some colorful, summer-like paintings.

Wait, no color?, yeah, it's almost done.
but until then, some lineart.

dinsdag 4 juni 2013


A second mage design. The first(bottom) is a more Templar design, however the new one has a more Germanic look.


I didn't expected people actually regularly check this blog out.
I stopped updating because I thought it died out. 
But on request I will start updating again, today featuring a fraction of the stuff I did the last weeks.
As you see tons of character design. Each day for a couple weeks I did about 40 anatomy practices and 3 character designs. This really improved my art :D
What you see here was the result of 1 or 2 typical working days, however school is consuming all my time lately.

p.s.:Credits to Po Wen for the design of the 4th and 5th drawing.

dinsdag 2 april 2013

League of legends skin idea

quick concept for a skin design in League of legends from the Rengar character.

zaterdag 16 februari 2013

Wacom on the go

The Wacom on the go; a laptop and tablet in one! It's a concept I had in mind for a while now and I took the time to make a realistic model of it. I find it quiet annoying to set up a laptop, tablet and tons of wires on a small desk. This design is perfect for designing in high quality, without needing much space.
I don't really have a name for it yet, but more renders are coming soon, and maybe even a video of it.
It took me about 11 hours to get to this point, and I expect that will become some hours longer after every render is done.

dinsdag 12 februari 2013


A flying car or something, I'm not sure. It was mostly for technical practice. My goal is to make 6 of these in a hour.

donderdag 31 januari 2013


Here's the link to my website! this will be used for more portfolio worth stuff.


donderdag 24 januari 2013

vrijdag 18 januari 2013

Red dress

Sketch of 1,5 hours, wanna do more of these quicker and better. Plan is to do 2 of these a week.
Video of the process coming soon!

zondag 6 januari 2013

Weird concept xD

Dino + human is......?

The assignment was to combine a creature and a human. This is my first concept so far. It's weird but somehow it looks believable to me. I'll work this out to a final drawing in the upcoming days.

Sneak Peek

Happy new year and sorry for the long absence! holidays where here and I had no time to upload any new pictures.
Well these pictures are a small sneek peek.
What for you may ask? Well soon I'm making a awsome official website with some higher quality work and presentation! This means this blog will be used mostly for WIP's and sketches.
Here are some examples:


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